Important Tips To Help You Select Quality Pair Of Comfortable Dress Shoes

A pair of dress shoes is essential in every guy’s wardrobe. They are ideal for attending a wedding, going to the office or attending big meetings. They make you pop and are comfortable to move around. Comfort is of importance when buying a dress shoe. Finding a shoe that is comfortable,stylish and one that will last for a long time can be difficult. Worry not as this guide will help you identify what you need to look out for.

It is essential to know that just because the price of dress shoe is high, it doesn’t mean it is of the best quality. There are other aspects that you need to put into consideration. But if you find a dress shoe that goes for $100 it means it is of the lowest quality. A quality pair of comfortable dress shoe costs between $200 to $300 and can last for many years. You can research to get to know how the process followed when making the shoe. A skilled clobber will take their time to craft a dress shoe that is of high quality. The price of such a shoe will be higher because it is designed to last for many years.

In addition, dress shoe are categorized into three, full grain, top grain and genuine leather. Full grain leather got from the top of the hide is used to make high quality comfortable dress shoe. This type of leather is not sanded making it the best compared to others. It lasts for long time because of its water resistant quality. On the other hand, top grain leather is buffed and sanded to get rid of any imperfections. It is less durable than full grain leather. Leftover leather that is of the lowest quality is used to make genuine leather. All this best explains why dress shoes have varying prices depending on the quality of leather.

Sole stitched dress shoes are of high quality than glued ones. Before purchasing dress shoes it is important to look at the bottom of the shoe. Leather soles are much more comfortable than rubber soles. They are flexible, soft and take long to break. Soles that are well stitched tend to resist water better than glued ones. Dress shoes that have more than one layer are long lasting. A triple sole will last for many years; a double sole is also durable. Quality and comfortable dress shoe should have incredible stitching. Hand crafted shoes are made of threading that cannot be easily noticed.

Lastly, the top of the shoe needs not to be too square, too round or too pointy. Properly designed dress shoes stand out from other types of shoes. Remember leather can get easily worn out if you take proper care of it despite the amount you paid for it.

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