Guide to Hiring a Bookkeeper

Whether you are a freelancer or small business owner, you need the services of a professional bookkeeper. The professional can help you with financial business tasks such as managing your invoices, balancing your expenses and so on. You can do these tasks internally but this will be wasting valuable time that could have been used to grow the business. Moreover, you are prone to making errors since you are not a professional in accounting. Therefore, the best option is to hire a bookkeeper to handle the financial tasks for your business.

Where can you find a professional bookkeeper for your business? Below are two ways in which you can find a bookkeeper.

Hire Internally
Designating an internal employee to be in charge of bookkeeping seems like a viable idea. Since the employee is on your payroll, there will be no extra costs to pay. However, this method is bound to fail when it comes to execution. Your business can end up with huge losses if the employee you have designated to handle accounting has no experience in the area.
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Moreover, there are many situations where an internal bookkeeper can put your information security at risk. For instance, the employee may commit fraud or simple errors that can turn out to be costly for your business. You will need proper oversight over an internal bookkeeper to avoid problems. You an end up wasting a lot of time supervising the bookkeeper.
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Hiring a Freelance
Another option you have with hiring a bookkeeper is getting a freelancer to handle the finance matters for your business. However, this option is also not as easy as it sounds. Before hiring the bookkeeper, you have to confirm his experience as well as educational qualifications. Make sure the freelance has the professional education in accounting and a good track record. Check the certification and licensing of the bookkeeper you want to hire.

Insurance should also be considered. If the freelancer makes a mistake while at your business premises and is not insured, you will have to cater for the losses on your own. Another challenge you will face when working with a freelance bookkeeper is oversight. How will you determine that the freelance is doing your work if he is working remotely? Account mismanagement and serious mistakes can be prevented with proper oversight over a freelance bookkeeper.

You will come across a number of competent freelance bookkeepers. However, finding them is not easy. You have to be diligent to find a freelance that will be right for your business. Look for a bookkeeper that will point out the accounting mistakes in your company that should be rectified.