Detecting Lies By Use Of A Polygraph Lying or being dishonest is against the central values that are widely accepted throughout the human population and has also been supported been supported by various religions through scriptures. We, therefore, try to avoid being dishonest but there are times that we fear to tell the truth especially when we are under pressure having done the wrong thing and we are afraid of the consequences. The body through several physiological processes always responds to instances in which we tell lies since at that time one is nervous and anxious which triggers the physiological changes which can be monitored using lie detectors. The main machine that is used to detect lies is the polygraph which depends on physiological changes that happen when one is lying. There are observable changes that are likely to occur when one is lying, and one of the physiological change is the rise in breathing rate. A the difference in rates of breaths which is characterized by a sharp increase in breath rates followed by shallow breaths is experienced. Such variations are easily detected by the polygraph lie detector since the machine has a pneumographic aspect. The the rate of blood pressure also rises sharply in case one is not telling the truth. The the cardiographic aspect of the polygraph ensure that it also easily detects the change in blood pressure. The amount of sweat coming out through the skin is also bound to increase at the event of one telling a lie. The galvanograph aspect of the polygraph which uses the principle of electrical conductivity of the skin. The act of detecting a lie from the changes in amount of sweat is not dependent on the machine measuring the amounts of sweat but rather conductivity which increases with increase in amount of sweat since sweat is used as the electrolyte. When the amount increases it ensures there is increase in electrolyte concentration since sweat is ionic liquid allowing electric current to pass through.
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All the results that are collected by the polygraph lie detector are recorded in the form of a graph. In earlier times the polygraphs used to trace the measurements on to a chart paper where after the test the examiner would analyze the results. But in the modern technological era polygraphs are connected to laptops which saves all the information hence eliminating the tiresome work of analyzing the results using papers. It is also possible through a computer to carry out tests on multiple subjects where the computers store the results for later analysis or reference.
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A digital polygraph possess other numerous benefits. One of the benefits is that experts have developed a software that helps to ease the process of analyzing data and information. The software includes capabilities to analyze charts and is specifically designed to help the examiners in their analysis. However one cannot depend entirely on the lie detector to detect lies.